Series Dionysus Picture

Here's the third of the auxiliary zords, The Stage Divine Beast of Dionysus, the Tiger. It is said that the touch of this beast would send any man into ecstatic madness. Purple is Dionysus' color and his seal is a bunch of grapes. The Stage Divine Beast form the helmet, scarf, shoulderpads, and dual pistols of the Olympian Megazord. The head detaches to form a helmet, the tail detaches to form a scarf, and the from half of the body detaches and splits into to two to form shoulderpads. Then, the main body splits into two as well. The legs all detach, then he lower halves of the legs receed into the gun barrel-like shoulder upper halves. The belly part of the body flips down to form a handle for the gun, while two legs each attach to one of the guns on either side to form the barrel. It can fire various different projectiles.

The Beast is under the control of Pogue, who then gains the ability of control over grape vines and is granted a "Form of Madness(Dionysus was the God of Ritual madness and ecstacy) in which he is freed from all earthly bonds(Dionysus was known as The Liberator, or freeing one from one's self)" Basically, he gains a spirit form in which he can phase through solid objects, inhabit certain people and if he so wishes, drive the mad(be it the good or bad kind). In this form, he's basically a spirit and cannot be contacted by anyone except Hayden(Son of Hades) and Afton, who can sense his emotions. Pogue summons the Divine Beast by typing in 1-2-7 on the I-Phone and saying, "Stage Divine Beast, Awaken!". The Divine Beast, located on the shore of Pogue's Seaside Sanctuary in Olympy, comes to life. It enters the real world through madness, and so Pogue enters his Madness form and acts as the medium between Olympy and the Real World. He types 1-2-7 and star to have it combine with the other zords.

The Rangers are all invited to Pogue's community play, in which he volunteered to be a stage hand. while there, he meets a kid from Hayden's school who loves theatre, but walks with a slight limp and always wears a big hat, so he's never cast into any big roles. He's also a stage hand. When Pogue notices him drinking wine(even though the kid is a Junior and still to young to drink) he knows somethings up. Konos sends a monster to destroy the play and find a rumored Godly Spirit in the area. Its then revealed that the kid Pogue met is a Satyr. He wears jeans and sneakers to conceal his hooves(which is why he walks funny) and he always wears a big cap to hid his horns. He helps the rangers fight off the Kokala with his magical reed pipes. The satyr was chosen by Dionysus as the heir to his Godly spirit, being one of his most loyal Satyrs. He wills his godly spirit to Pogue who then uses the Stage Divine Beast to destroy the monster.

The finisher's working title is "Ecstasy's Shot". The megazord fire two blasts at the ground by the monster's feet. From there, grape vines sprout like crazy, growing and entangling the monster in its place. The megazord slams both pistols together, and the combined barrel lengthens, forming what looks like a hand gun but with a shotgn's double barrel.The megaord holds it like a shotgun/sniper rifle thing. The rangers cry out the name, and lock on to the monster. They pull the trigger, and dual rainbow blasts of energy fire out at the monsters, spiraling around each other and blasting the monster into oblivion.

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