Call me Fred 3 Picture

This is probably completely lost on you unless you've seen Disney's Hercules recently...

Watch this- it will make more sense-

Basically I was rewatching that movie recently and got the funny image of Percy singing that song. "THAT'S THE GOSPEL TRUTH!"

And I'm sorry Disney, as much as I love you, I HATE that movie. Actually, I take that back. I hate that movie except for Hades and Megara.

In summary I was that little kid in the back row going, "HEY!! HERCULES DOESN'T GET PEGASUS!! HE JUST STOLE BELEPHERON'S RIDE!!!!"

Okay, I'm prejudiced, but I really dislike the movie for reasons beyond the mythology. Namely, Pain and Panic and Bad Musical Syndrome. And CGI!Hydra. *shudders*

But I digress...

Percy Jackson and the Olympians belongs to Rick Riordan and others, not me. And Hercules belongs to Disney.
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