Cerberus Picture

This is my depiction of Cerberus for the ATK contest. He belongs to Derek, and was summoned in the library in Round 1.

He's normally pretty calm or happy, and loves being patted. The heads have slightly different personalities: the left is the "youngest" and most curious, the centre is the leader, and the right is the strongest. The centre head normally controls the body. Cerberus is mildly sentient, and understands what people say, and whether someone is dangerous.

Cerberus will watch an opponent or something interesting with two heads, with one (usually the left or right) watching round them. For practical reasons, the centre head is almost never on watch.
There is an exception, however. If the opponent (or whatever Cerberus is facing) is highly dangerous, all three of Cerberus' heads will watch it, and he will more often than not go savage in defence.

Be warned, people. Cerberus will never leave Derek's side bar when he's attacking.
Oh, another note.
Cerberus can be calm and curious one moment, but savage and brutal the next. he displays classic canine postures and emotions, so it's easy to tell how he feels.

Derek put far too much energy into summoning Cerberus, so he became a real animal instead of a simple summon. So he won't just disappear if hurt.

Cerberus (C) Greek Mythology
Art (C) Me
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