Love and Lust Picture

Aphrodite and Eros....Aphrodite, being the Greek goddess of love, and Eros, being the god of lust...are they siblings?? i don't think they are, but isn't there some famous painting of them together and one of the controversies of the painting is that it's incestuous??? i dunno, any art history people who know what painting i'm referring to, back me up and correct me if i'm wrong...i didn't think they were siblings, but now i'm not so sure...hmm...


Wow, this is the first time i've submitted anything in....a long ass time.

Well, i am without my tablet (which was acting rarded anyway so i couldn't exactly use it), and i'm without my photoshop, so i went old school and whipped out my paper and colored pencils.

i like drawing greek mythology :3 i want to draw more Demeter and Hades...they're an awesome OTP...
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