Quietus: The Raven of Netherworld Picture

Just like a crow chasing the butterfly
dandelions lost in the summer sky
When you and I were getting high as outer space,
I never thought you'd slip away
I guess I was just a little too late

Your words still serenade me,
Your lullabies won't let me sleep
I've never heard such a haunting melody.
Oh, it's killing me
You know I can barely breathe

    — The Crow And The Butterfly by Shinedown

Normally, I would talk about my suspicious who is which god, but not today as this pic was solely done because it's Angel's birthday and is technically fan service. I mean look at those abs... which couldn't have drawn with out =Noiry's tutorial about how she draws abs. And to be truthful this image is actually part of large picture. But that will have to wait till some identities are revealed.

This is fanart for AngeLhearteD's Quietus. Which in case you don't know yet is a fanfic that follows the abduction myth of Hades and Persephone but with Naruto characters.

It's all pretty obvious but I will explain some stuff which inspired me, to sound cool, mind you. 

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