When Worlds Shatter Picture

Okay... not sure when I will actually start this... but I wanted to draw something like this for a while. Its the last installment of my story, "God of Titans". My first two are "Flowers for Hades" and "Stars from Orion". This is taking a different toll then the first two... theres going to be alot more seriousness and better art... I actually want to CG it... as soon as I get ahold of the program... ugh...

Neway... when you are in a perfect little world.. you think nothing could ever go wrong... but sometimes it just takes one person to break that illusion... haha

The character you see at the bottom (large charater) is brand new to the story... hes fun to draw... a very different kind of character... I can't let too much out about the story yet... but I hope it at least looks interesting ^^

Hope you guys like it,
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