AGAFG 51 Picture

Page fiftyone. I recently learned that there actually were medicinal tablets in ancient Greece. Twenty years ago, an ancient Greek shipwreck was discovered, dating back to 130 BCE and containing boxes with medicinal tablets. Since this comic doesn't take place at a certain point in antiquity (rather all periods seem to exist at the same time, though I usually try to avoid things from the Roman period), I thought I should let Hades take such a tablet for his headache.

The article about the tablets didn't say much about what they looked like, though. So I wrote to one of the persons doing research on them and asked if he could tell me, which he kindly did. They were round, 3 cm diameter, and 5 mm thickness. He also told me their external surface wasn't plain, since they were made of an amalgam of substances. I suspect my drawing of them isn't all correct, though.

Theodoros' story serving as an example for the Erinyes is of course a hint to the story of Orestes.

Melito on the other hand is not so much into ethics and philosophy. She asks questions of a different kind. My characters may be cute and sometimes do very cute stuff, but, hrm, my comics are certainly not meant for children.
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