Rebel Cerberus Picture


xD I said I'd colour this!! Sure, it was about 9 months ago when I said that but I GOT ROUND TO IT IN THE END. ^_^

And you know what? I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. :3 I really wanted to make an improvement on the original [link] and I think I did.

For those unfamiliar with Cerberus (or Kerberos, as he's also called) and if you're too lazy to look at the original and read my descriptions, he's a mythological 3 headed dog.. etc etc... the hellhound who guards the way into Hades (the underworld).. serpent for a tail.. etccccc... can be seen in Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone, and also in the awesome Disney Hercules cartoon (meaning you also get to fight him in Kingdom Hearts..).. yeeep.

Except this is my own personal interpretation of him. xD Look at all the earrings and stuff. And he broke his chain. What. A. Rebel. D<

And the sucky background isn't quite as sucky as usual (yeah yeah, I know its still pretty bad though). :3 I put a little time into it. Go me.

And as if I hadn't rambled enough, I just wanna thank ~Tonake for her tutorial [link] which helped me a lot with the colouring. ^^' As some of you know, I'm not so good with colouring animals... or even drawing them.. ._. That's why I haven't exactly drawn any since Feb. xD

D> Okay.
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