DR- Character Swatches Picture

And here is some fun from me! I noticed people around the club doing these and I think it's such a fun and interesting way to play around with a character and their pallet. Hector's head isn't shaved in any other the other heads because, well, that's his hair style. :T It might have looked kinda cool playing with colors that way but it seemed like a lot of work to me so I didn't do it.

The colours of the hoodies are based off of the color of other pieces of clothing on the character (like remy's is his white undershirt, twitch's is his patterned fur, etc.) The only part where I did not select the exact colour from the original characters was with the sclera. I have an issue with pure white sclera. It's just not that realistic to me. Sorry.

This was so much fun! I'm sorry if I didn't do your character, I wanted colours that really popped. While characters in the club look different because of facial expression or face shape they would all look more or less the same on poor Hector so I only picked ones that I thought would be really different from him and from each other. I hope you enjoy it!

Tools: SAI, PSP, Tablet
Time: +6hours
Music: Christmas - Various

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