Drawing Challenge 3 Picture

Drawing Challenge #3

Now this is mostly for the sake of practice with prismacolor markers and some light fun to take my stressed mind away from my endless side projects that I vowed to finish before this year is over... @[email protected]

Its actually fun, take a original story, mines obviously God of Titans and a group of characters from the story. You can even take them from a popular series of your choice its just for fun anyway. A even number of them would be best. Place the names onto a piece of paper and throw them into a bowl/hat/something and draw the names two at a time. Do this for all the characters. Also before you draw make sure to pick a few different themes. Mine were naked, animal costume, fluffy, hate, romance, drama, and pajamas.

Its just so funny seeing the different combinations XD.
I am going to try to draw each one, so be ready for the randomness XD.

Its Hermes and Eris.... I did it in marker this time. Just because. This contains no enhancements from technical devices in any way... except the scanner. -.- Its not that great I am bad at backgrounds still... I'm practicing though. Well I hope you like it... their theme got to be drama. So they both look sad. You may someday figure out why ^_^
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