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"...So you're telling me this will let me stay with you?" She said with uncertainty.
"If that's what you wish. I was hoping you might..." He paused.
"Stay with you?" She said, a thoughtful expression painted on her face. She looked at their hands, lightly grasped together, and then to his face, that looked almost fearful, so unlike how he normally seemed, and then she looked at the fruit, with it's blood-like seeds.
"Yes..." His looks became more anxious as the seconds ticked.
"They'll miss me terribly up there." She said in an almost blank way.
"It's your choice...Kore." His voice wavered.
"It's Persephone." She said with a smile before plucking six seeds from the fruit.

Fun Facts:
Persephone's name was given to her by Hades. Persephone's name means She Who Lighten's Darkness.

I'd like to think that Persephone and Hades story is somewhat like the story of Beauty and the Beast, not quite the same, but along those lines.

And as much as some people believe it, Hades was not evil. People didn't like him because he represented the end of their lives...but he wasn't evil. He was tasked with the job of caring for the dead. Without him, no one would be able to pass on, and would continue to be in pain.

These two belong to Greek Mythology.
The art and conversation belong to me.

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