Persephone Picture

<<....As she was lying on the fresh grass that was brushing gently her warm and sunkissed face, carefree and serene, she felt a little pinch on her thigh; she looked down. It was a thorned, dry branch, twisting and wrapping slowly around her legs, and practicing something that almost felt like a drag towards its roots, dry and leafless as well, looked like Summer never really affected them.
"It's this time of the year again", she thought and smiled lightly knowing she'd be in her beloved's arms soon.>>


This took me forever to upload....I wasn't sure wether it was finished or good enough to be posted here....But I take my chances respectfully to one of my favourite deities, Persephone.

I didn't put mature content here, if you feel offended in any way, just be kind enough to tell me first so as to edit the picture. Thank you.
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