Darkness Falls Picture

This one.... was a pain in the ass lol Took me two days of rendering in Vue and splicing two images together, rendering in Poser and painting/postworking the hell out of it. Im finally calling it done.

The myth... is the taking of Persephone. Hades falls in love with her, and steals her from her mother, Demeter, the goddess of Nature. While in the Underworld, Persephone eats the food of the Underworld, thus prohibiting her to ever live among mortals again. But Hades allows her to visit her mother for half the year. When she is with her mother, it is Spring - when she is with Hades, its Winter.

The two phantom skulls represent Pain and Panic (Hades henchmen)

My stuff at DAZ: Kiara and the staff Hades is holding is from Prisoner of War, Azraella as Demeter, M4 is just plain M4, Demonic Skulls are from Azraella.

Misc critters from DAZ

BG rendered in Vue and merged in Photoshop

Rest is painted and postwork
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