Hades + Persephone Sketch Picture

We're moving from woodblock cuts to metal etching in my printmaking class, so I did this study for it. I forgot how much I hate crosshatching...

Anyway, I wanted to do a Greek myth this time around because I'm kinda obsessed with mythology, but I hate faces (that aren't cartoony, at least), so I decided to try to tell part of the story of Hades and Persephone with just their hands. So here, Persephone holds a flower with a pomegranate seed nestled in the petals. Symbolic of the fact that she'll be leaving the Underworld, but because she's already eaten some of the pomegranate seeds, she'll have to return during the winter months. And Hades... gives her a hug? Well, if you think about it, Hades is probably one of the only Greek gods that was faithful to his spouse, which is pretty good, considering the guy spent most of his time shut up below the Earth with no one but the dead and Cerberus for company, and playing fetch with a 3-headed dog is 3 times as tiring. Because you'd need three sticks. That's definitely how that works.
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