Travelling the Acheron Picture

And again! Silly Blue can't stop drawing all too simple / boring SDs instead of just focusing on one good picture!

But look! It's a wanna-be background!! ... Ehem...

This time it's Charon and Belzebub, enjoying a trip down the Acheron, with Belzebub being all too clingy for Charon's tastes. But he's not complaining, after all he gets paid for being hell's / hades' only taxi driver.

Normally Charon's wearing a long coat, with the hood pulled down, but it's summer in hell, and it tends to get rather hot standing around all day.

Uh. Yes, that's it!
Charon & Belzebub (c) me
(I haven't invited the mythological / religious figures of course!)

P.S. I just checked Dante's "La Divina Commedia" for the River Charon's sailing on...
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