Daddys Girl 114 Picture

I don't think Hera travels anywhere without her makeup kit. Athena on the other hand doesn't feel that comfortable with such things. But at least she got her hair combed.

Fun fact: In the poem "The bath of Pallas" by Callimachus (yes, Athena is sometimes just called Pallas in the myths), the nymphs who prepare Athena's bath only bring her the "manly olive oil", since she doesn't want any perfumes. I've read that the ancient Greeks mostly used perfume only for sexual reasons, to become more desirable for a partner (unlike the Egyptians who considered perfume to be sacred and used it for both religious and medical reasons). And Athena was a virgin goddess, so...

I was a little doubtful if I really should let Athena hug Hades in the fourth panel, mostly because I didn't want it to be too much like when Hermes gives him a surprise-hug in AGAFG. But the situation is a little different and in AGAFG Hades reacts with confusion, while here he's more embarrassed (probably because Athena is a woman). She maybe could have given him a chaste kiss on the cheek instead, but I think it's more Athena's style to give someone a rough hug or a thump in the back (unless she really, really likes someone).
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