The Dark Host Picture

This is the title page for the first chapter of my comic, DIS: Life is Hell. It's a romantic comedy about Greek mythology (if Greek mythology were run over by a pickup truck, deep-fried, covered in glitter, and set to a soundtrack of Iron Butterfly and David Bowie). It's all about Hades (Psst! That's him in the picture!) and his miserable eternal life full of paperwork and a family that belongs on Jerry Springer.
The first graphic novel, containing the first two--entirely redrawn!--chapters (and brand new bonus stuff) is being published by Bohemian Trash and should debut in April, should all go according to plan.
...Migosh, this was fun to draw.
You can read the whole comic in its original version here!
And you can see the newly-furbished pages, plus the lineart for this page (if you wanna break out some of that sweet colorin' that makes JoJo go wild
(c) J. E. Seames 2007
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