Hades Traditional Picture

So here's my attempt at traditional color with Hades... It could be better. Much better, but... it could also be worse. So much worse. Sooooooooooo I'll concentrate on that instead. XD Yay! It wasn't actually too bad. I think I'll try markers or pastels or paints on the next one. Or perhaps pens. We shall see. ^^

In case anyone was wondering....

Think it took about... 4.5 hours I believe.

Tools of the trade:
Canson Sketchbook (almost done! Eep!)
HP #2 Soft pencils
Micron .01 pen
Zig Millenium .05 pen from Koretake (omg these are amazing! I need another one!)
Colored pencils - I was using up my old colored pencils, so I just wrote out what was on the pencils... apparently I used Gallery, Sanford Colorific and Crayola...
Artgum Eraser (do NOT use for erasing! That's my smudge tool. XD)
Pink Eraser (that's the actual eraser)
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