Dis -- Volume One Cover Picture

I...totally forgot to show this to y'all back in February when I painted it. But, ya know, I was busy putting the book together!

So! Ladies and gentlemen...This is the cover painting to the first volume of my original graphic novel, Dis: Life is Hell! (On sale now from Bohemian Trash Studios!)

This is 11x17 inches in size, done in 100% watercolor on 400lb cold-press watercolor paper. It took one very long weekend of not leaving my apartment to complete. (I did not see the Sun for days.)

My thought, when painting this, was "COLOR!" Despite the fact that the comic, itself, is black and white, color is very important to the design of it all.
This is the first of a total of five volumes. This one, obviously is red, to be followed by green, purple, blue, and then a maroon red.

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