:Vergil - Schwarze Sonne: Picture

A piece that took a really long time ( plus the general lazyness of me to do anything


Inspired by the song Schwarze sonne by E nomine (even though there is no black sun in the picture). I really liked the song , especially the Latin when they sing about Cerberus ( in Greek mythology its the demon hound which guards the gates of Hades.) a Greek philosopher interpretated Cerberus as one big dog with two of its pups so close by its size that when everyone would see it (Flee soon after) would think that the hound actually had three heads. I liked that idea and of course the wolves used in the music video. The song itself is perfect for any bad guy and i found it nice for Vergil



done in CS , Aprox ,dunno, many hours spent awake..

Vergil: © CAPCOM
fanart © me
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