Hades 1 Sketch Picture

This was an assignment for 10th-grade history class. I drew the entire thing freehand. I don't know exactly why I decided to draw his skull lighter than his body. We were supposed to draw a Greek god, and I drew Hades. Hades is the best character of Greek mythology imo. I am also going to draw 4 other forms of Hades, this is one of my depictions/forms of him. Hades is also an important character in my Ty fanfic series. He has the ability to transform into 5 other forms and resurrect the dead in my series. A watercolor version of this picture is almost finished as well, but I have to correct a few mistakes on it. In this form, he has a golden-brown skull with a huge diamond in his left eye, a crown of thorns, and piranha teeth.
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