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<div align="center">The Queen of the Underworld

Persephone (a poem by ~Strelnikov72

Crippled by the cracking
The dried bone branches of dead dreams
Underfoot and crumbling
Approach and be hated

Your thirsting eyes yearn
To sip cold nectar drip-drip-dropping
From a rime-bound Boreal star
Stagger and be sated

Behold my shining
Lovely limned in light of leprosy
White shadow of dead Helen
Crawl and be jaded

Lay down your notched sword
Blooded black but not by others
Knight benighted
Grovel and be faded

Embrace the many shades
A myriad masks the same face ever under
Mother of pains passed and pending



by `mjranum

Ground: *Bugidifino [link]

Mist, lightning and leaves were painted or from my own resources.

Hope you like it <3'


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