Care for Pomegrante? Picture

Hades and Persephone, I'm a huge mythology and Disney buff so of course the movie Hercules is one of my favorites. Persephone is Hades wife who he tricked into becoming bound to the underworld after he abuducted her, by giving her pomegrante seeds she was bound to remain there for one month of the year for every seed she ate (the exact number varies). When she is in the underworld her mother makes the world unable to grow plants hense why there is fall/winter.

In case your intrested this came as the result of playing God of war (which is amazing). While playing the challenge of hades part all I could think of was "Why don't they ever mention Persephone?", I never see her depicted in any mythological movies/games/comics, I decided to put my pencil were my mouth is and try my hand at designing her and since my favorite portrayl of Hades was disneys this was the result. I really wish they had put her in the movie.

(My scanner isn't to good so try to ignore how blochy the coloring looks, also I appologize for my lack of Disney drawing skills I'm trying ><
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