Nico di Angelo Picture

Why am I spamming you with-- fanart?! Psssh, I don't draw fanart. e_e
How do I explain those utaites? That's different, obviously. uwu
Or the one I just posted like two seconds ago of the Fringe guy? Pft, realism I can just use a ref from.

Aside from my generally no-fanart mindset since i can't draw novel characters or anime or anything like thatttt, yeah, this guy's from The Percy Jackson series (which is actually pretty good in the second series, mind you).

But yeah, I finished reading House of Hades (I also finished Lord of The Flies today, but no fanart for that, thank goodness .-.) yesterday and was like, hnnng Nico's great omg //cries
So that happened.

POOR NICO. And yeah, this is semi how I see him + bad proportions. Wanted to try digital painting again and I failed again.

Nico di Angelo; THoO and PJatO (c) Rick Riordan

//laughs and crawls into a hole
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