Ascent of Persephone Picture

Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, spends half the year in the Underworld with her husband Hades, and half the year in the world of the Living with her mother Demeter. Her kidnap brought about the changing of seasons, so distraught was Demeter she let the world die as she mourned the loss of her daughter, and continues to do so. However every year when her daughter is returned to her the world begins to bloom and come back to life, thusly beginning Spring and the cycle of seasons.

I love watercolors, have ever since I learned how to use them. They're fun because you don't quite know if what you painted is what's going to be there when it dries, and if you don't like it, wet it and start over!

I'm very pleased with this piece. I tend to do heavy watercolors, where some make them far lighter. I like doing those as well, but my preferred is to make water colors pop and have such detail without the utilization of other mediums suck as ink to define things. Its a challenge every time, but I love it!

I have more water colors, but they're on an old deviantart, and then some newer ones I haven't scanned yet. need to consolidate. No time to do it. Today I got lucky cause my job closed early, but I do not forsee this happening again soon. QQ I'll live *sniffle*
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