Breaking Point Picture

Hades was such a reserved and private person, although possessed of a rare, dry humour and a keen intellect; he was also hopelessly repressed when it came to expressing his feelings for her, a fact that she had turned into a wonderful game of teasing and flirting. As the Dark God's clawed fingers clenched around her wrist, Persephone realised that this time, she just might have pushed him too far. Oopsie.

The Hades and Persephone myth fascinates me. I can't help but visualise a more modern-minded Persey who might not have been an unwilling victim; Hades is such a stern, private, and reserved god in mythology compared to his whoring, frolicking, and generally chaos-making Olympian counterparts -- perhaps he never intended to abduct his love into his dark realm at all until that day she just pushed him too far.

Those of you who have seen the line art version of this picture will be able to tell that it ran away with me, but in the wrong direction. I need to practise a lot more when it comes to the transition between idea/line art and realisation/painting.

I take tips and tutorial links. Gratefully.
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