Hades Picture

"Although he has been presented as one before, Hades (ᾍδης) is no villain. He is cold and calculating. He keeps to himself, only showing up in myth when he is sought out. Hades is more a recluse than anything else. He has little to do with mortals' lives. Their deaths are a different story. Hades is not Death himself; in other words he is not responsible for deciding when mortals die. A mortal's death is an assembly line: The Fates snip the threads of life, Thanatos (or death) causes the mortal to die, Hermes leads the soul to the banks of the Styx. After the gods defeated their fore-bearers, the Titans, Hades was presented with a helmet of invisibility and given the Underworld to rule. Hades' Roman name Pluto came from the Greek word for wealth. The god was considered rich because of all the precious metals that are found beneath the earth."
– Paraphrased from MythologyTeacher, [www.mythologyteacher.com/Galle…

Credit where it's due, to AzaleasDolls, [azaleasdolls.com/warrior.html]

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