The Pomegranate Picture

My entry for the God/Goddess/Angel contest by *LadyEdanaStock & *RLDStock. This is the best version of it i could get
So, it's my favorite Ancient Greek Myth, the story of Hades & Persephone, at least my take on it. I think Persephone chose to eat the pomegranate seeds so she would have to stay with Hades.

stocks used for reference:

[link] by *LadyEdanaStock for Persephone. I decided I had to use this one because I think it is really pretty. I didn't do the tilt of the head exactly the same, but, it's what I wanted in the end.

[link] by ~Synchrestra for Hades. I had a hard time finding the perfect reference for Hades as I wanted something very specific, but this one worked out really well. Of course I made his hair longer.

So, the deadline for this contest has been extended indefinitely, i encourage more people to enter.
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