oh look - heterosexuals Picture

Is it really bad when I need to distinguish the fact I drew something not gay? Probably.

this is an upload dedicated to my Gaia buddy and here on DA, FlyingCarpets. you can thank them for the sudden upload spam and all. woooo.

Hades and Persephone have always been my favorites in mythology okay. Because wow who doesn't like the idea of Momma Demeter telling her presh daughter about 'big bad brother Hades who would take her away if she was ever naughty' and then Hades just saying DAMMIT I WANT A WIFE and taking her anyway. :T Oh okay just me? Cool. Good. Lemme go drown in incestuous cuties for a bit thank.

OH. Actual info you might not care about: one of the gods/titans/IDEK gets royally upset with how the gods and goddesses of Olympus act and banishes them to present day earth. Illogical but I don't really care.
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