Character Design- Gaa Picture

Okay, I wrote this comic that I am very proud of. I just love the characters more than anything. SO much that I descided to have some plushies made of a few of the characters. The most popular character in my story is pretty original to the story line. My friends love him sadistically. I love him alot too, so he was nominated as one of the characters to be made as a plushie. I am also pretty pleased to say I had the privaledge to meet a very talented plushie maker at my last con ::The-1Winged-Angel:: I should have posted this before she already made him, but oh well. I think she did a fantastic job, I was ecstatic. I do recommend her if you want a plush made. Shes very very good. NEway, this is Gaa, if you're interestd in the comic, just drop me a note. I will be selling the it at my next con in January (Ohayocon). Well thanks and comment if you like ^_^.

The name of the comic is "Flowers for Hades" n case you were curious. Well thanks again.
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