God of Titans Cover Picture

My comic I have been working on for a while, it is 46 pages long and all the pages are done with photoshop.
It took me a long time to finish it... and I suffered from carpol tunnel in between, so it was slowed down even more.
The reason I am posting the cover is to mark the day I finally finished it. I have three people who already want a copy.. this makes me so happy.

Basically this story is about Greek Mythology, but you don't need to be a fan to enjoy it. Its going to last for a while I believe. I have so many ideas for it... I can't wait XD

If anyone is interested in it. I take money orders and I have a paypal account.... I think it works lol. I also will be selling coppies at the next con I go too... which one that will be is still up in the air, I'll probably anounce it way before I go ^_^
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