Characters from the Rape of Persephone Picture
These are my interpretations of the god(esses) from my favorite Greek myth. In case you can't read my handwriting, they are, from left to right:
Demeter, Kore, Persephone, and Hades.
So...yeah. I drew this (guess where) at school. On the back of some drawings of mitosis. Unfortunately, Persephone and Hades got a little smeared, but I tried to fix them up as best I could. Also, I realize that Hades looks rather feminine. I am trying to draw manlier men. It never quite works out with him though. It's probably his shiny hair.

Drawn & shaded with 0.7mm mechanical pencil.

Kore and Persephone are the same person. Kore is just another name for Persephone, typically used to refer to her before she was kidnapped by Hades and made his queen. Kore means 'girl' or 'maiden', Persephone means 'destroyer of the light', if I remember correctly.

I might add this to scraps once I have a ton more deviations, which isn't really likely unless I get a new coloring medium.

Also, I don't really think this needs to be said, but I don't own Greek mythology.
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