Hades High Application: Illyria Thompson Picture

My application for Hades High.

A few of her traits~

- Illyria is a very calm and serene woman, but a bit on the strict side when it comes to her class. She hates when people think it's an "easy" A. She tries to make it as challenging and as interesting as possible.

- She originally wanted to be a music teacher, but given that she's a siren and her singing can lead to pretty catastrophic things, she was convinced to take up another subject.

- She is a very kind teacher, and it's very hard to make her angry, but once that line has been crossed... It's not pretty.

- She takes pride in being very feminine. You will hardly ever catch her in anything other than a dress.

- She hates being rushed. She would rather take her time to enjoy everything around her.

- Normally she is always polite, but if she's having a bad day or is a bit flustered, she can be very curt and snappy at people. (She always feels bad and apologises not long after though.)

- She has to work hard to control her temper sometimes. Usually, she will just begin to ignore the source of her frustration just to prevent getting angry.

- True to early Greek mythology, instead of being portrayed as a sea dwelling creature, her real form is an anthromorphic bird.
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