I like Waffles Picture

Finally I can upload this bad boy...

Anyways, this is the finished product. Obvious inspiration is obvious.

Anyways about this picture... one thing to note, this all part of Hades, even Cerberus is part of Hades... this is actually how Hades summons his pets and minions and such.... right out of his body, which is made up of spiders. Actually, the summoned Cerberus is not even the real Cerberus, however the hellhound is telepathically linked to Hades regardless, so the real Cerberus pretty much controls the fake one.

All eyes that have green in them are eye types Hades has in his various forms. Each part of the picture is something that affiliates to Hades in some way. How, is left up to you to interpret.

Hades and Cerby (c) to me
Original Hades and Cerby (c) mythology
Blargity-ness inspired by Hellsing Ultimate
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