Persephone 1 - GMO Card 19 Picture

Size: 8.5"x11"
Medium: Acrylics and Coloured Pencil
Represents: Rebirth

I enjoyed painting this one. She was a balm to senses worn a little ragged by Iris who came before her. She took 2 days to paint and there was not one single moment where I felt flustered, bothered, or frustrated.

As for Persephone, I wonder if she realises yet that her eating the pomegranate seeds is going to change her life forever? She looks so calm and peaceful. Mayhap I should paint another that shows her reaction to the awareness that she is now going to be spending 6 months of every year in the Underworld for her folly.

The pose was again referenced from stock created by MJRanum.
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