Orpheus and Eurydice Picture

This is my second entry for the the Disneys Club's new contest -- Disney’s New Musical. Story comes from Greek mythology, so get ready to be depressed!

Orpheus is a well loved king with a magical skill of music, everything listens to him, even the weather! He falls in love, and marries, a wood nymph called Eurydice.

So, they're happy, right? Well, yes, until Eurydice gets bit by a snake, and promptly dies. Poor Orpheus! Well, he's not going to let death get in the way of his marriage, so off he goes to the underworld to go get her back.

Hooray Orpheus! Well, it's awful hard to get into Hell when you're not even dead, but Orpheus is gonna do it, by golly! Not even a pissed off Charon the boatman is going to stop him.
Just play him a little music, and everybody's happy.

Well, Hades isn't too happy about having some guy whose not dead yet show up in his palace, but, he figures, the only way to get rid of him is listen to what he says, hopefully he'll go away after that and leave him in peace.

What's this, he wants his wife back? And now he's playing music. This is getting annoying, he won't stop playing till he gets her, huh? Well, Hades doesn't want to give her back, and he's not impressed with your music, so there.

Look at that! Hours go by, Orpheus keeps on playing, and see that, it looks like Hades isn't gonna crack. But, look! His wife Persephone just can't take it anymore! She cries and wails and begs for Hades to have mercy, mercy, please, make him stop! Give his wife back to him! She can't bare it anymore!

Fine, take her back, and stop that awful singing! But, there is one condition, Orpheus must always walk ahead of Eurydice. He is not to know whether or not she still follows him. Never, never, under any circumstances, is he to look behind him. Only once he is fully out of the realm of the dead can he turn around. Only then will he have truly won his wife back.

Well, that's not hard, Orpheus can do it in a pinch, can't he?
Off we go, back up to life! Well, she's still behind him, isn't she? How come he can’t hear anything? Orpheus hopes she’s there. Put her out of your mind Orpheus! Just keep walking! Don’t try to listen for things you won’t hear! Is she still there? Don’t worry, it’s just a little further!

Look! Daylight! a few steps more! Just a few! Oh, no! Orpheus can't handle the silence, he has to know! Three steps from freedom, he turns, turns back to see if Eurydice follows. Eyes wide with pitiful sorrow, and with a soundless, painful wail, she fades back into nothingness. Surrounded by the mocking laugher of Hades, Orpheus has lost.

Well, that's just great. Can't get much worse than that, can it? It sure can, just you wait. Orpheus doesn't have the heart to play his music anymore, and the kingdom falls into darkness without his magic to free it. A horde of wild, crazed women discover him in the fields. He won't play his music, no matter how much they beg. So, in anger, they tear him to pieces.

And so ends the tragic tale of Orpheus and Eurydice. I warned you it was depressing. Of course, if Disney were to do it, it would be happier, somehow.

I even wrote a song, per the rules of the contest. It's not very good, but here goes.

-Charming The Boatman-

What's this, a living creature!
I cannot let you pass,
Your flesh still warm, your eyes still bright!
Go home, wait until you've breathed your last.

Oh, my friend you must let me go.
Cannot you see, without my love,
I am as dead, my heart so filled with woe?
Perhaps some music would appease thy doubts.

Ah, music! it has been so long!
*Sigh* Alright, I'll take you across,
But in return, I'll have a song,
A song to chase the shadows away, if only for a moment.

Ok, that's it. A male lead, and a song, according to the details of the contest. Sorry if the story and everything is a bit long.
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