Quietus: Just Tonight Picture

Do you understand who I am
Do you wanna know
Can you really see through me now
I am 'bout to go

But just tonight I won't leave
I'll lie and you'll believe
Just tonight I will see
It's all because of me

Just tonight I will stay
And we'll throw it all away
When the light hits your eyes
It's telling me I'm right
And if I, I am through
It's all because of you
Just tonight

— Just Tonight by The Pretty Reckless

Angel, I blame you for this. Cause your latest preview made me want to draw. You and this dress by Notte by Marchesa.

Either way this is fanart for AngeLhearteD's Quietus. Which in case you don't know yet is a fanfic that follows the abduction myth of Hades and Persephone but with Naruto characters.

It's all pretty obvious but I will explain some stuff which inspired me, to sound cool, mind you. 

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