Hades Picture

Par of my final from my Character Development Class.
We had to design 16 characters for each of the archetypes and create a scenario for a video game with them.

I chose to combine many aspects of mythology and religion of many different cultures.

I am only uploading the ones that are colored. Halfway through the project my instructor said he was just kidding about having to color them all >_> and due to the fact I was spending 6-10 hours per drawing to give it nice line art and colors, I quickly dropped that habbit, THUS half of them are not colored. I may be uploading the better ones from the second half later, we will see.
Some of these have clean line art, others are sketches...again, I started running out of time, so I had to make some changes.

Make sure you check out the whole set! Sorry the images are so large =/ I work big.
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