Yours-Ever Picture

XDDD;;;;; this is NOT a BL picture.... "Yours Ever" is what is written on the pendant (for all those who have never seen the hades part of saint seiya.)
once again, this is not BL..... IGNORE THE ART STYLE, FOLKS..... =∀=
Quick draw from november... man, I do not know why I am submitting November stuff when there is some OCTOBER and maybe even September stuff I still haven't submitted... XD;;;;

Hades and Shun from Saint Seiya. this picture is inspired by the YinYang symbol.... I had this terrible desire to draw shun one day about mid-november, this was what came out. XD;

Characters (c) Masami Kurumada- of course green-haired shun is the fault of the anime.
Art drawn by me.... who else.... XD;;;
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