Schmoozin' with Death Picture

Soon to be Scrapped.

Okay. How do you say "Painstaking Reconstruction" in Greek? Because THAT'S what the title should be.

So I watched Hercules last week, just because I'd heard that Persephone had a brief cameo somewhere in there. And she did. In the last scene. And everything from just below her ear to just below her elbow was hidden by dear old Ares. And she was FUZZY. And had this really dopey cross-eyed espression on her face. *pounds head against wall*

So it took me a few hours to fix her up. Had to re-outline her and re-draw her entire face.

Hades was easy. The pose is from the scene right after the Fates tell him his future...I think. I only had to change where his eyes were looking, and his smile, a little bit.

Now the biggest problem with this is that I have no idea what their height-difference should be. Oh well...

Oh, and Hades' aura that he didn't have in the movie? I thought it'd look nice. I read a really nice fic where Persephone restored his aura...I dunno, doesn't look as good as I hoped it would, but whatev.


For those that don't know, Persephone is Hades' wife, as far as mythology goes. Since Disney doesn't like to reform its villains, they'll never have a scene together...but that's what Fanfiction's for! After all, technically, the ARE canon.

And as far as the myth goes...Hades fell in love with Persephone from afar, took her away to the Underworld, and married her. But, Seph's momma Demeter was so distraught by Seph's disappearence that she started to kill all the plants on the world, causing winter to come Seph had to return to the Surfaceworld to stop all the destruction.

And, um...somehow it worked out that she had to stay on Earth for 2/3 of every year, only returning the the Underworld when nothing could grow. (Late Fall, through winter. Goddess of Spring, Fertility, and Rebirth, after all.)

A lot of Ancient Greek researcher call it 'the rape of Persephone' but there are a lot of versions that acutally include Persephone falling for the Lord of the Dead. Which, of course, are my favorite versions of the story.
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