Ruth Ondrea: The Last Child of Enyo Picture

Warning the following contains a really minor spoiler for Mark of Athena, hardly worth a spoiler warning, but you know, just in case

So if you have read MoA, you'll remember that Bellona apparently has no Greek counterpart, this is a problem because my character at OlympianRPG Ruth Ondrea, is the daughter of Enyo who according to most sources, is the Greek Bellona. So how can I continue playing her? My options were to change Ruth into a Roman character, or make her into the daughter of a different war Deity, like Ares or Athena. But I didn't want to do either of these because it's important to Ruth's character that she is alone.

What I decided and got approval from Zeus (The site may look pretty strict but Zeus is a great guy and is willing to work with you as long as you're creative, original, and not annoying
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