Iapetos Picture

Iapetos (The Piercer) was the Titan god of death, pain, and craftsmanship. He was also Lord of the West, and ancestor of the human race through his son Prometheus. Like his brother Kronos, he was also a god of time, specifically the mortal lifespan. His wife Klymene was the original ruler of the Underworld before being dethroned and replaced by Hades. Iapetos was cast into the pit of Tartaros, and his son Atlas was forced to support the Pillar of the West on his back. In Tartaros, Iapetos began calling himself Keuthonymos (Named in the Depths), and started taking his anger and frustration out on damned souls. Centuries later, he (along with his brother Koios, and his nephews Pallas, and Astraios) managed to escape from the pit. They led the Heka Gigantes (Sons of Gaia) against Olympus, but were eventually destroyed by Ares and Athena.

This version of Iapetos belongs to me.
Actually he's kind of a rip-off on God of War's Hades. But can Hades grow spears out of his back and kill people with them? No.
Don't worry, Hades. You're still awesome.
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