Goa'uld Artemis Picture

So, I now like Stargate SG-1! Could you guess?

I dug out this pic, finished and colored it cause I chatted with ~ djinn-world and she loves SG-1, Harry Potter, and X-men: Evolution too!!! How often to you find a combo like that? I mean, those three topics are top on my list... Star Trek and Greek Myth are a bit down but 4th and 5th.

So, I contemplate a caracter for SG-1 and thought I could try and make a full-out evil character.
So, how can I NOT do Artemis? Though the Egyptian Goa'uld are more fun.

This is her in her hunting gear, more protection that just the forcefield.
So I'm going for a good mix of Goa'uld design and Greek. I'm rather proud. I wish I could dig up my helmet designs. Looks more greek in profile.

Her Bow/Arrow weapon was created by the Goa'uld Athena (based on the same design of the Zatnik... eh, the Zat gun.
(actually, ~Nebulan wanted to try making a SG-1 character, so we might combine it to some extent. Athena would actually be a Tok'ra... she might have something up on her site soon about it cuz the pic she drew was AWESOME!!!)

And I know that Artemis is apparently a popular Goa'uld in fanfics, but, if you know me, I'm rather possesive about Artemis!!!

Artemis (c) greek mythology
Goa'uld, etc. (c) Stargate SG-1, MGM peoples...
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