Belle redesigned Picture

A re-design of Belle with and without her scarf and her weapon of choice, Blade Batons
name: Belle - The Rider
age: 16
descendant of: Bellerophon
mentor: Apollo
weapon of choice: Blade Batons
pros: she's loyal to thoses she loves
she's an excedingly good drawer and musician (lyre and spirit flute are her speciality), which Apollo and the other gods greatly admire
she has a wide knowledge of mythology from around the world
being related to bellerophon she respects animals, to the point of nearly being able to speak to them, she won't allow any animal to come to harm.
she witty and quit to respond. her cunning is the equivelant to Neils luck.
cons: she is extremely stubborn and tempermental with a short temper, when she has a goal set nearly nothing will stop her and she doesn't easily change her mind about people.
she hates Athena; when she found out she was of bellerophons bloodline she realised Athena had maimed him centuries ago, had Apollo not voluntered to be her mentor she would of never stayed. Apollo is also trying to help her manage her anger through music and art as stated ubove.
she's an expert lair and very sarcastic, the others never really know when to trust her or take her seriously.
Shes also a loner and very reluctant to interact with the other heroes for longer than necessary.
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