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Phantasos- Illusen.

Illusen, my character is based on Phantasos, not copy.

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From: Me ... Daphne-Phantasos.

Name: Illusen (Phantasos.)
Race: Divine
Age: From mythological era.
Date of Birth: 03/04 (Aries)
Place of Origin: Yumekai.


Weight: 58 Kg
Height: 1'73
Hair Color: Lilac.
Eye color: pink.
Skin color: Clara
Blood: O --

Looks sleek, slender body, long hair, lilac, pink eyes, delicate features.

Psychological Description: He is a calm, serene, something cold to those who know but can be kind to you like, but usually does not usually treat the humans. When he gets angry is destructive.

* Dream.
* Teleportation.
* Kiss energetic.

Biographical sheet:

Phantasos, god of dreams illusory appearances divinity
Meaning of Name: Greek Premonitions
Sex: Male
Age: He is eternal (was mythological)
Attacks: It has one specific

Like his siblings Morpheus, ICEL, and Oneiros. Phantasos is the son and brother of the god Hypnos. It is therefore god of sleep, more specifically the god of appearances. At first sight it could take Phantasos like a beautiful woman because it has the appearance and attributes of one. This feminine aspect is only a shell beneath which hides the true god, most likely to disrupt the enemy, or because their true form mcho not like ... .. but in reality this figure is unknown.

Despite not having fought his power you can imagine with his short appearance in the manga, it can lure enemies into a deep sleep and insert it into beautiful dreams unreal. Usually by a sweet kiss as seen in the LC

It is a very discreet of mythology, is cited by only Phantasos Ovid in his Metamorphoses. The author presents him as the son of Hypnos and Morpheus and Phobetor brother (another name for ICEL). Phantasos is part of the Dream Team. The great deities who embody the dreams. Her parents vary according to the authors. Ovid describes them as the sons and brothers of Hypnos. The latter sends them to visit the dreams of mortals, but only according to Ovid they did in the great and honorable people as kings or heroes. People of high moral or social rank.

Phantasos (Fa? Tas?? / Phantasós) means appearance in ancient Greek. Aligual that many mythological Phantasos name has an equivalent in Castilian: Phantaso. When visiting a death in his sleep, takes the form of solid things, inanimate objects deprived of any life. This is the description of the character from Ovid. Teshirogi Shiori Phantasos makes the personification of the dreams unreal. It is probably for this reason that in manga Lost Canvas plays with appearances disguised under a female form.

Although that does not fit with its mythological role, appearance
In the manga the character is displayed along with his brothers to obey the orders of Hypnos, is somewhat casual burlesque and all, pretty confident in many sense of the word divine. Cid is facing the golden knight of Capricorn, which cuts it in half with his Excaliber after entering the sacred dimension of dreams created by another god, Morpheus.

My personal story:

In my stories, Phantasos takes human form and infiltrate into the kingdom of Athena, in search of a dream which can not be accessed, for that reason must now begin life as "normal person" and find their victims.

Phantasos Illusen.

Illusen, es mi personaje en base a Phantasos, no copiar.

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