Athena Picture

This is Athena, Greek goddess of almost everything, but mainly known for being an avatar of wisdom, rightful war (if such thing can really exist), handicrafts and so on and so forth. And, yes, she’s also famous for being a virgin, because she always had much more important things to do. That’s why her being rather naked is quite unusual and even inappropriate, but I couldn’t help myself from imagining her exactly this way… So here she goes!
It's the second pic in PS I've ever made, but surely it will change a bit with time because some things are still awful. Wacom+time will make everything right... almost, because, they can’t straighten your hands, but cannot wrong them even more as well… not sure last passage is clear, maybe term “wry hands” is clearly Russian humour…
It’s a big pic, definitely seems best being enlarged to 100%, but it’s up to you)))
P.S. strange signs above are Greek letters standing for “Athena”, how it should be pronounced I dare not say)))
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