The Sun God Picture

"Apollo, Sun God to the ancient Greeks, is very different from the haughty, young and somewhat temperamental figure mythology presents.

As Athena's right hand, Apollo has planned, executed and won many engagements against the enemies of the Olympians. His ability to predict enemy tactics accurately have led some to believe that he has the gift of foresight - indeed, many attempts have been made on his life.

Many would be assassins, however, underestimate Apollo's skill in hand to hand combat. Though deemed too valuable to risk in battle, Apollo's innate and skillful control of Olympian fire (sometimes known as starfire because of its similarities to plasma from a star) makes him one of the most deadly of the Dodekatheon (the Twelve)."

So I finally, finally got down to drawing one of my beloved Olympians. I still have very weak line control with a tablet (tips anyone?). And I'm still trying to learn how to use lines to define the muscles instead of blending everything.

Added some textures for the metal and the fabric (pretty standard when you're a modeller XD). Plus you know I can't resist getting metal a little worn and all.

As for the backstory... Well, I had a fair bit of time to spare since I never could focus on rigging classes. I've got an entire arc to write about my favouritest pantheon.

I wanted so much to add a background. And since I already built an Olympus model, figured I work it into the scene.
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