Goofing Off Picture

Okay... when you are in an art class and have finished all your current projects... this happens.
I had a beautiful presketch of Aphrodite and Ares fighting (for a project), and a couple letters I was practicing... then my friend needs halp drawing a 'bony butt' for a mythical creature she's drawing. darkfoxdemonx walks over and is like, "I'll show you a bony butt," and starts drawing butts (the pretty one and the hideous one... if you can see them because of how lightly they're drawn). A skinny artist walks over and sees and is like, "here's my butt," and draws the square with a line. Another friend comments saying, "who drew the penis?" That would be my attempt at a bony butt in the lower left corner... darkfoxdemonx proceeds to draw the 'inner thoughts' of my characters fighting... Apparently the crazy looking Ares is a rapist and the calm Athena is secretly freaking out. I tried to tell her that in Greek Mythology they are brother and sister, but then the friend who needed help drawing butts said, "Zeus and Hera are brother and sister."
And we all lived happily ever after.
{T'was freaking hysterical in person}
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