Justice on Her Playground Picture

Here's the updated version of my last drawing assignment seen here. I was trying to tone down the silliness and up the atmosphere. I was also trying to use symbolism more effectively (I added a sort of ghostly image of Justice holding the scales which is barely visible here). Not sure if I should have just left that part out entirely and let the drawing function as an exercise in technique to some degree, but I felt that the image gave it more meaning. I'll cite Goya as more of an influence than mythology this time around.

I left the composition sort of yin-yang-ish overall to function subconciously, at least. There is still an element of humor here, but I feel that I kept it more subdued than in the last version.

Is it effective? Let me know what you think.

Char-kole, pastel, coffee, water, Elmer's glue, sandpaper + tearing/ scrubbing on art-print, 4' X 5'

Detail: [link]
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