Sacred Lemurians- Sketch Picture

Here's a picture I made of the Lemurians I made for my alternate Saint Seiya series, Saint Mythology. [all but two is mine]. From left to right going down; Aries Shion, Sagittarius Midoriko, Cancer Lem, Aries Mu, Ria, and Yakumo.

For more background; Shion married a women called Midoriko, a gold saint from the Sanctuary in the Sky. She has lived through and survived 3 Holy Wars guided by Athena, and blessed with extended life and the body of her 18 year-old self. In that time she gave birth to Mu, and Ria, but she already had Lem through a painful time in her past. Yakumo is a girl she found in Jamir, who was able to fend off the evil spirits and was lost in the Saint Graveyard until Midoriko saved her and took her in.
I got their names from the lost continent, Lemuria. A pattern is formed from their names; Lem + Mu + Ria = Lemuria. ^-^

Sagittarius Midoriko, Cancer Lem, Ria, Yakumo (c)
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